Europe Calling

2. Building back better: post-COVID recovery, resilience and resurgence in Europe, with Commissioner Thierry Breton

June 18, 2021

The European Union’s focus is shifting from crisis management to promoting a strong, sustainable recovery.

With vaccination gathering pace, the Commission is putting the European Green Deal and digital transformation at the heart of its strategy to future-proof Europe’s economy.

The EU’s internal market – the largest in the world, covering 450 million people – will also be integral to boosting competitiveness, driving growth and creating jobs.

And NextGenerationEU, the Union’s €750 billion recovery plan unlocked just two weeks ago, offers a unique opportunity to confront the continent’s long-term economic and social challenges.

The second episode of Europe Calling features Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton, whose portfolio covers everything from cybersecurity to intellectual property, SMEs to space. In this podcast, he responds to questions from entrepreneurs big and small, and outlines his approach to the tasks he faces.