Europe Calling

4. Front and centre: people with disabilities must be enabled to achieve their aspirations, with Commissioner Helena Dalli

December 7, 2021

Changing perceptions of people with disabilities, helping to integrate them into employment that matches their ambitions and enabling them to exercise their full rights in a diverse, inclusive society are the cornerstones of the EU’s approach – and a personal commitment by Commissioner for Equalities, Helena Dalli.
In this fourth episode of the European Commission’s podcast Europe Calling, Commissioner Dalli uses the occasion of the International Day of People with Disabilities (3 December) to reaffirm the Commission’s resolute determination to build a union of equality for all individuals, regardless of how ‘different’ others might consider them to be. 
The podcast also features interviews with two people with disabilities, who explain the challenges they have observed in the workplace and outline their suggestions for practical and political measures to enhance their lives. The episode is also available as vodcast with subtitles and Sign Language Interpretation.